Do you think you have seen it all? – Weirdest keyboards ever!

The keyboard is an essential part of your computers. Most of us don’t even pay attention. A keyboard is a keyboard, right? Not so much.

Yes, all keyboards track your keystrokes, but even for general users, not just gamers, there’s a whole range of types to choose from. There are heaps of features, models, connectivity types, layouts, shapes and more to consider, and the price range is as vast and varied as your options. So, today we will present you a few strange and cool keyboards that you have ever seen.  Some of them may be new and futuristic, some may be retro and seriously weird…

Rolling! Here a short list of cool keyboards that you can actually buy!

Oree board

Have you ever seen a keyboard made of wood? No? Well, there must be a first time for everything! Oree board looks simply amazing. It advertises as the journey through the senses. At first, the halo of its natural materials, adorned with a timeless minimalist design, meets the eye. The keyboard is entirely made of wood, it is also wireless and posses Bluetooth. It is unique and unusual and it smells amazingly good.

Compectus Rolling Keyboard

Compectus rollable keyboard easily connects to your tablet, desktop computer, and even your smartphone. It has a base with a built-in microphone and Bluetooth stereo speakers, up to 6 hours of talk/play time and the power meter. There are four speakers on the base, two in the front and two on the sides, what’s more, the speakers are detachable. It comes with a micro USB cable to charge it. You have to pair the keyboard and the speakers separately. It’s a nice keyboard to use with a cool design that will make a few heads turn if someone will see you using it.

Wekey Pocket

Would you look at this little guy!? It may be the slimmest, lightest, smallest keyboard that you have ever seen! It really fits in your pocket! If you work outside a lot, this may be a perfect solution for you. It is a wireless keyboard that you can connect to your device via Bluetooth and it’s rechargeable as well. It works as a regular keyboard that just happens to be impossibly thin and portable.

CTX Virtual Technologies’ VK200 KEYFOB

A virtual laser keyboard projects a working keyboard onto any surface and connects to devices via Bluetooth, making it possible to use the device with cellphones, tablets, computers and laptops. For those who enjoy the “clicking” sound of laptops, the VK200 simulates keyboard sounds as you type. It also has a battery that is easily rechargeable. With holographic technology becoming increasingly interactive, as can be seen with this responsive laser keyboard, it will be interesting to see what more developments in this field will bring us.

TrewGrip – Mobile Keyboard

This is maybe the weirder Keyboard ever! This is an interesting mobile portable keyboard. The idea is to change your writing position and allow typing even when you’re moving. The TrewGrip literally flips the lid on traditional keyboard design by placing all of the letter keys on the rear, allowing users to type on a mobile device, PC, or smart device while maintaining a comfortable grip. The TrewGrip has a distinct U-shaped design with soft-grips on either end and a micro-suction panel in the middle that help keep your smartphone or tablet in place. The back of the device hosts its full QWERTY keyboard, which is split between the left and right side based on which keys are typically accessed with either hand.

Keyboardio – Model 01


The keyboard’s base is made of two slabs of maple wood, which you can attach together with a brace, or you can keep the two pieces separate. According to the designers, using plastic just didn’t feel right, so they went with wood for a more natural material feel.

Keyboardio opted to use non-clicky, tactile, mechanical switches from the Canadian manufacturer Matias. They are called Quiet Click switches, and Matias claims that they are the world’s quietest mechanical keyswitches, with more tactile feedback than Cherry’s MX mechanical switches. The housings of these switches are transparent with RGB lighting support. As it turns out, all of Matias switches are clear, allowing the keyboard maker to integrate their choice of LED-lighting. Each key has a LED light and can be individually colored in rainbow colors, and lights up like a Christmas tree. e.g. flash, wash, breath, wave, of rainbow effects. The light effect can be programmed via the open source firmware. So, what do you think about this butterfly-shaped keyboard?

SafeType Keyboard – Black Color V902

SafeType Keyboard is a retro one, manufactured in 2010. It is one of the craziest keyboards that we have ever seen. According to the manufacturer, the vertical placement of the keyboard allows the user to type while keeping the forearms in a neutral position (with the thumbs up). With a standard flat keyboard, in order to type the hands are rotated so that the palms are parallel with the floor (this is called a “pronated” position). In the pronated position, the bones in the forearm twist with the wrist and scissor. This scissoring of the bones causes extra pressure to be forced upon the Carpal Tunnel. But honestly, would you really want to use it?

OrbiTouch Keyless Keyboard

So do you think you have seen it all? Not even close! This one will really amaze you!

For some people using a keyboard and mouse is a basic everyday task. But for those with autism, physical or developmental disabilities, repetitive stress injuries, chronic arthritis, or do have had full use of hands and fingers, using a standard keyboard is not an option.

The orbiTouch, a full 128 character keyboard and mouse in one, is an ergonomic alternative to the standard QWERTY keyboard, requiring no finger or wrist motion to operate. Domes replace keys to minimize hand and wrist exertion. Simple to learn and easy to use, orbiTouch helps individuals with hand and finger injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, arthritis, and autism.

How It Works

The orbiTouch creates a keystroke when you slide the two domes into one of their eight respective positions. You type the different characters by sliding the domes to create letters and numbers. The orbiTouch also has an integrated mouse, so moving the domes gives you full mouse and keyboard capability.

  • Each dome slides into one of eight zones to type a character.
  • Either dome can slide first or move both at the same time.
  • Domes slide toward the center of their color or character zones. (not directly at the characters)
  • Slide the right dome to the zone of the character you wish to type; slide the left dome to the color of that character.

The simple orbiTouch interface enables the user to type all alphanumeric and special keys found on a keyboard, plus provides a fully-integrated three-button mouse capability – all via two ergonomically sculpted domes. PC and Mac compatible.

To end up this article we will give you one more mobile keyboards … You can literally walk it around…


Whoever invented it must be a genius!


So, which one would you like to get?

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