Kaspersky admits downloading NSA data

The Russian company Kaspersky has officially acknowledged that it was in possession of secret stolen NSA documents. The founder of the company, however, assured that they were immediately deleted.

26282ab0a3a74d11ba667c0a733cda55.jpgKaspersky is trying to regain the trust in the US government and companies after it has been accused of collaborating with Russian intelligence. A well-known anti-virus vendor says he will do anything to prove the allegations are groundless, however his latest statements won’t help him out.

A few weeks ago it was revealed that Kaspersky was involved in the theft of secret NSA documents, which Russian hackers took over in 2015. Data was stolen from one of the agency co-workers and the government claims that Kaspersky’s software has helped the Russian intelligence intercepting secret documents.

It turns out that there is a lot of truths in the accusations. Kaspersky has acknowledged that its software has indeed taken over sensitive files from its collaborator’s computer. The company’s founder Eugene Kaspersky confirms that analysts have reported the presence of this sensitive data on the company servers. However, he ensures that all the materials have been removed immediately. It is, however, disputed whether files were downloaded intentionally or as a result of standard antivirus software operation.

spying-on-a-computerKaspersky says it has nothing to do with the hack and the real responsible for hacking the NSA files is the Equation Group, and the theft was made with the pirated version of Microsoft Office.

However, Jake Williams, a cyber-security expert and former NSA analyst, do not believe in this explanation. In his opinion, Kaspersky tried to outlaw the US government. It’s obvious that they removed the secret files from their servers, not wanting to take the responsibility and stay as a prime suspect. He also added that the agency’s co-worker is also guilty because he should not keep secret materials on his home computer.

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