Server Colocation – Find the right place for your IT equipment

Have you thought about leased infrastructure? The experience of most profitable businesses shows that it saves time and money. Placing servers in a proven Data Center ensures stable access to your data. What is servers colocation? Good question right?

server_room_20130422.jpgIs when you purchase both the hardware (server) and the software that will host your website, and you are responsible for properly setting up and configuring the colocation server hosting hardware and software. Plus, your IT department performs the upgrades and backups. The benefit is that space, security, power and bandwidth are not compromised by other websites being hosted in the same space. If the specialists will handle your equipment you can gain a lot. You will be able to get the best working conditions for your servers, as well as the unique capabilities of IT engineers.

Cost optimization

Cost-opt-image-másolat.jpgServer colocation is not only more convenient but more profitable. This is ideal for companies that do not want to invest in additional spaces. Investing in your own server room is a huge investment. Numbers speak for themselves. It is estimated that the construction of your own server room turns around $250k. Adaptation of already existing offices reduces costs only by 30%. Therefore, the use of colocation services is cost effective for smaller companies.

Preparation of the place is not only costly… there is also the question of server support. A person or company that decides to operate with its own machines must hire a person or the entire team responsible for the proper functioning of the servers. Maintaining and training professional professionals is a venture that few people can afford. Therefore, entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing outsourcing solutions, especially after comparing the costs of maintaining their own Data Center.

The cost of electricity that a Datacenter needs to operate is about 20% of the total cost of living. A 750W power supply uses an average of 18kWh. When it comes to the energy, the cost one operational year of one machine turns around of the machine needed to operate one server exceeds 1000 dollars. And it’s just the energy. In addition, you need to add other expenses as appropriate room and its adjustment and the team of employees. The medium-sized Data Center serving about 700 servers has to pay for costs of $550k. For comparison, the cost of server hosting starts at $49 per month.

Do you know what your servers need?

NX130813 Colocation 560px

Most users are unaware of how complex solutions are needed for an optimal server performance. Data Center is an organ with complex hardware architecture, the inside resembles almost a factory. You can find here aggregates, air conditioners and a precision ventilation system. For the machine to operate fully functional is the system of warm and cold air corridors. These solutions help to keep the temperature on the same level.

What to look for?

  • Technical floor – a 30 cm lift that protects the wires from damage. This arrangement provides easier access to the installation and is additional fire protection. The material from which the floor is made does not electrify and discharge the load into the grounding bar.
  • Emergency power – a key element in the proper functioning of the Data Center. All machines for normal operation need constant access to electricity. In order to ensure continuity, emergency power supplies, and high power generators are needed.
  • Internet connection from independent suppliers – Use of different sources with independent backbone networks minimize the risk of failure. In order for the page and mailboxes to function smoothly, a smooth transfer flow is required.

Server colocation, what can you gain?

Kolokacja-Root-Admin (1).pngIn Ehost Internet Data Center all colocation prices are negotiable  

By choosing a proven Data Center you are guaranteed a secure and full access to your server, even in the middle of the night. You can decide on the rules of cooperation by selecting between Root and Admin colocation. The first one supplies the server and provides a place in the data center. Colocation Admin, in general, provides a convenient and modern administration panel, 24/7 support and 100% back up. All servers are supported in shifting mode, so you are sure that your server is under continuous non-stop monitoring. To select the appropriate server collocation model for yourself just compare different option and prices.

With the right partner, you just can do much more.

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