Rapport: Singapore, South Korea and Norway with the fastest LTE

Measurements made between July and October by OpenSignal show that the reach of LTE networks worldwide is expanding. However, in some countries, the speed of connections is decreasing as the number of smartphone users with this technology increases, and infrastructure is not growing.

OpenSignal ranked Singapore with 46.64 Mb/s and South Korea with 45.85 Mb/s. as the fastest ones, followed by Norway, Hungary and the Netherlands are the next top places. The slowest LTE network is operating in India – 6.13 Mb / s. The average speed of LTE in the world in the last 6 months has increased by 0.4 Mb / s, but in some countries, the performance of the 4G network is declining.

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Over the last six months, the reach of LTE in the world has grown considerably. 50 countries achieved over 70% 4G coverage while in the previous study only 33 states managed to achieve it. Interestingly, the increase in reach does not translate into a higher download speed. The following chart shows that countries that have a very large network often offer quite a low speed, eg Japan – 94% of range, speed 25.1 Mb / s, or previously mentioned India – 84% of range, speed 6.13 Mb / s.

OpenSignal experts say the reason for this is that operators are pressing for LTE coverage to be able to serve more customers, while not leveraging the same bandwidth. As more and more devices, even low-budget ones, have LTE connectivity, networks are working under increasing load, and this limits their efficiency.

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