The 2018 search index priority: MOBILE

In 2018, the search index will be prioritizing mobile across all platforms, while keeping the desktop index but the update will be less than before. Google work on it for over a year.

This means that the big “G” company algorithms will use in priority the mobile version of every website’s to rank on the Google search, to show the previews according to the device results and check + understand how the website and the data are made.

Why suddenly this change?

It’s the result of the majority of search takes place now on mobile, it’s very small and let us the possibility to change our habits. They started to do it gradually when Google transitioned already a handful of sites to the mobile-first index. Most of these web pages will be monitored by the search team to ensure their tracking and rankings in a good way.



The webmaster trends analyst for Google, Gary Illyes said: “We continue to be cautious with rolling out mobile-first indexing.”
“We believe taking this slowly will help webmasters get their sites ready for mobile users, and because of that, we currently don’t have a timeline for when it’s going to be completed. We will be evaluating sites independently on their readiness for mobile-first indexing…and transitioning them when ready.”

So how to be ready? Put your website in mobile-first and responsive and be careful of the domain name, if your desktop website is the same with the mobile page, then you have a good chance to be in a good term with the new search index!

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