Microsoft Azure strategy during the Christmas period!

The cloud big data of Microsoft offering HDInsight will have new capabilities but not the only thing that users will receive. The hosting service Azure, based-off Apache Hadoop, HBase, Spark, Microsoft R Server,… show a pricing restructured according to a number of product fields.

You can find now a 52% price reduction in Azure HDInsight, with the replacement for the Premium cluster tier (in the Enterprise Security Package). For Christmas, you can save on bonanza, including an 80% price reduction ($0.016 per core hour) for the R Server Azure HDInsight.

The Apache Kafka give the possibility for the customer to build open-source, a real-time analytics solution with an Azure HDInsight 99.9% SLA.

The integration of the Azure Log Analytics is in general availability and you can have a preview of the Enterprise Security package (or you can also put it as an add-on for the HDInsight cluster).

We can see that Microsoft’s been putting a lot of effort into making its Hadoop service a complete global one, with the widespread distribution of the data centers of the big “M” company.



The attractivity of the price reductions creates a big concurrency to AWS, the service from Amazon.

Which side are you in? Azure or AWS?

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