The data center future? Amazon Web Service partnership with QTS

We saw recently an announcement from the data center REIT QTS Realty Trust about a new type of colocation service with pre-packaged data center space and direct connectivity to Amazon Web Services (AWS). QTS prepared data center infrastructure in a lot of locations and the connection will be set up directly to AWS. The customers will have to buy the service through the Amazon market to get their new hardware in the QTS basement.

The Kansas company is the first to be chosen by the global cloud leader, ahead of a bigger firm as Equinix for example. The new turnkey CloudRamp solution will allow QTS to aim for customers who need a hybrid cloud infrastructure fastly or for a short-term (example: cloud migration). In return, the user will receive some instructions to set up in advance with an obsolete power and pre-wired for a very high-speed connectivity to AWS and to the internet.

The flexibility of the contracts

The contracts will be like for the other colocation, you can choose to pay for several months and it’s also possible to do long-term deployments.

The choice of QTS by Amazon go in the mood of Brian Nowak, an analyst at Morgan Stanley. He showed that Amazon had targeted different market and the European one’s not that easily compare to the United States. According to him, the global retail leader is less popular than the German platform, Zalando, in Europe, because they have more merchandise and brand partnerships in this place.

Lower reliance on the department store industry structure and a more vertically integrated apparel industry are also likely to make Europe more difficult for Amazon than it has been in the U.S.A” said Nowak.

QTS… Who?


Founded by Chad Williams who had a vision of a data center role and continue every year to increase the capacity, security, power, customer support and space of his data centers. Since they started their evolution, from colocation to hyperscale solutions, they became one of the world’s leading data center and cloud providers.

Why a partnership?

A growing number of our customers require colocation as part of their migration to the cloud. QTS is a strategic colocation provider and provides customers industry-leading customer support and as a Managed Service Partner has the ability to seamlessly integrate their solution with AWS.”, said Mike Clayville, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS.

What if it was the future of the data center? Would you step in?

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