The future for the precision medicine? Microsoft and Google invest in DNAnexus!

The DNAnexus startup will receive $58 million round to finance their cloud technology platform for genomics and biomedical datasets.

If you watch this market, and more precisely the precision medicine, you will see that Major Tech leaders make a move on it.That’s the reason for Microsoft and Google Ventures (GV) to invest in the DNAnexus startup.

The DNAnexus CEO Richard Daly said: “The financing enables further development and the launch of our translational medicine solutions, as well as expanding our footprint in the cloud-based management of genomic data in clinical trials,”. “The next wave of biomedical insights is coming from cross-institutional collaborations that produce rapidly increasing amounts of multi-omics data.”

What can we except for the precision medicine in the future?


The CEO told us in the interview that the volume of biomedical information increase day by day and we will see more collaboration, data sharing, and machine learning with the big firm. Earlier in 2017, the startup launched the Mosaic Microbiome Platform to understand the human microbiome and with an access to the Google Brain’s Center for Genomics program.





Do you think the data and the cloud-based technology will be the future of the modern medicine?


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