CDN: Content Delivery network.

CDN: Content Delivery network.

This is a network system who deliver pages and other internet content to a web user, using the geolocalisation of the user, the webpage origin, and the server answer.
The service is perfect to upgrade the speed of the user with high traffic lines and a global reach. The closer you are when you use it, the fastest the delivery of the information is.99056773fafad1aa0b59b67d4d967ac08971c39b-without-cdn


The website visitor sends a request to the nearest servers, the CDN copies the pages to the network, using a cache for the contents. When you make a request, the CDN will also communicate with the original server to deliver previously cached contents.
The CDN process is transparent to the user, you can see it directly in the URL.


Perfect for Business

Majority of the big company use a CDN service to provide a better quality and help in the website ergonomy. The CDN reduce the latency, accelerate loading time of the website and you will not consummate that much bandwidth compares a normal utilization. The CDN protect you from the spammers and DDoS attacks on your server.
You can also use it on a lot of contents (videos, photos, pages, SEO, etc…).

Which one to choose?

We recommend you to use BOLT-CDN.

nw color cdn.png

Here’s a list of what they offer:

They guarantee you a 24/7/365 by email and emergency phone support hotline if you have a problem with the installation or with the service.
To get assistance in the optimization, in the technical part of the CDN, our company give you recognized solutions and our competent engineers.
We placed your assets on dedicated IP ranges, by providing prioritized routing and secure your network with a maximum speed and highest capacity and you will be able to put an access.

The webpage:

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