In the computer world, we use a lot of acronyms to make every technology interesting. So I’m sure you already heard about a CPU when you bought your computer in the shop or when the seller talks about the capacity of the machine.

They generally show a comparison between AMD and Intel, dual or quad-core, or i3 vs i7 for example. Let me explain the difference between everything and you will be able to understand the field of CPU.


The Core Processing Unit (CPU) can be seen as the brain of a computer. This is one of the most important, doing calculation, actions, and help to runs programs.
The CPU instruction is directly received from the computer’s RAM, to process the action and you receive it on the output. You can find the CPU on every device (laptops, smartphones, tablets, computers and smart TVs).

How does it work:

We can separate it into 3 phases:


There is a series of numbers that are representing an instruction that is sent to the CPU from the RAM. We can see that like a small part of any operation, so the CPU is always waiting for the next.
Every order came from the computer program that you are running on the PC.


Once everything is fetched, the CPU gives the instruction to a decoder. You can see it as signals.


In the end, the decoded information is sent and you can see the result in the CPU register. Like a memory function on your smartphone or calculator.

More than talking, I think this very good video from Singularity Prosperity will be the best to explain to you:

See you the next week for the PART 2…

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