Ehost IDC History

Created in 2004, Ehost IDC evolved a lot! 



Launched Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and Poland IDC service (16 overseas countries)Acquired the Information and Telecommunication Construction License Established a strategic alliance with KT for the G-CloudSigned a partnership with e-eReD Security SolutionStarted expansion of the one’s own server room surface in Gasan Data Center 2nd IDC
Built a server farm in Akita (Softbank DC)Launched its own backup service management Expanded the construction of own data center space in LG Gasan DC
Built a server farm in Tokyo (Ariake DC)Constructed own data center space in LG Gasan DCLaunched own DDOS service management (LG Gasan DC)
Reached 1 Million $ of overseas sales

Launched networking services in Moscow (Data Pro DC)Launched DDOS protection proxy services
Obtained dedicated 10 Gbps connection line (LG Gasan DC)Built a server farm in Sendai (NTT DC)Launched dedicated server hosting in Hong Kong
2013Constructed utilization of network monitoring facilities

Started using automatic software management of customers

Launched database security solutions

Chosen to be .kr domain registration agent by KSAStarted security services (VPN, UTM, web server protection)

Became agent of Zhongxin’s Software DDOS protection equipment
Ehost IDC establishmentStarted IDC services in Korea

Started network management services

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