How Many Cores?

At base, the computer had only one CPU, the reason why it relatively slow and consumed a lot of times. But progressively it changed, we can say now, after pushing the single-core CPU until the end, we see generally now dual, quad or also, octo-core.



Per definition, a computer possesses a c processor, also called the CPU or Central Processing.

A core is unit of production which reading the instructions to perform specific orders asked by the processor. a processing unit which reads in instructions to perform specific actions.

Desktop vs Mobile

In the tradition, the computers were large static electronic devices in action by the power of electricity. With the expansion of the mobile market, we carry small computer every day with us. Indeed, the vision of a computer is different but you have also a CPU inside of a mobile, even if they are very different compared to the desktop version.desktop-travel-booking-vs-mobile-travel-booking

The constructor of CPU wants to continually increase the High performance of their devices by providing every continually the top quality.

32 bits? 64 bits?

téléchargementWe saw already the fact a processor receives data. But generally, those data arrive in a smaller chunk like a “word”. The version between 32-bits and 64-bits is just the quantity of information your processor can receive.

L Cache?

We talk generally of L2 and L3 cache. They are the speedy onboard memory for the CPU during the reading of the information. The faster your CPU it is, the better you will perform.L2cacheDetails


How to choose your CPU?

It really depends on what do you want for your computer, your budget and your expectations in the future. You should never forget the depreciation of your computer in time, and don’t hesitate to change your component regularly to keep your quality.


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