Which EhostIDC server location is the best for you? – LATENCY MATRIX

Hello, again our precious readers!

Last time we told you why you would need a dedicated server, now when you know that dedicated server is necessary for you, it’s time to think which one you should choose.

Today we will focus on choosing server location!

For some people, a location of a server may look like something completely irrelevant – the world becomes smaller these days, and you can connect with people easily no matter how far they are. However, you have to know that location of your server can significantly improve your service performance.

The thing you have to consider is your target audience location. Then you can choose the server with the best connection time with relevant location.

We prepared a tool which will help you choose the best server location depending on your target audience location.

This is LATENCY MATRIX for EhostIDC servers:


In the vertical column, you can see localizations of places where your potential audience will be located (this is the place from where we make ping test), a horizontal column is a place of your new EhostIDC server.

Now just choose your audience location and check which server will be the best for you. For example, if you wish to have the audience near Thailand you should choose Thailand (almost obvious) server, but you can also consider Singapore or Hong Kong server (because of lowest ping time) for the best performance.

Of course, there is many other features you should consider while choosing dedicated server… We will talk about them in the future!

See you next time!




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