Why South Korea is the best place for your dedicated server in Asia?

Hello Everybody!

Today we will try to help those of you who are faced with a choice of Asian dedicated server.

Which one is the best to choose?

Because of the title of this post, you may already guessing what the answer is.

Yes! South Korea!

Here is why:

  1. Connection speed to China, Japan and other Asian countries:

If your potential audience, is located in somewhere in Asia, the thing you should worry the most is how fast your audience can connect with your server. If your audience is in China, then the highest speed you can achieve is by choosing Chinese server, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. To register your website in China you need ICP license, which can be hard to get if you are not Chinese, and have no (personal) connections there.

The best way to avoid an unnecessary paper work is to find server in some other place – but relatively close, to keep your ping as low as possible. Our South Korean servers are able to provide you with a very fast connectivity with China, especially when your dedicated server provider is using Korea Telecom line (like EhostIDC does!). The speed will be comparable with speed of Hong Kong or Singapore servers, but the price will be lower!

  1. Price:

If we already talking about prices – South Korean servers – especially the ones from EhostIDC have really attractive pricing – now you can order South Korean server for only 49$ – check it below:


  1. International Bandwidth:

The next very important thing is Korean Servers international bandwidth – there is no big difference with their domestic bandwidth – that sound good, right? Usually when you order for example Thailand or Vietnam server,  provider is saying about high bandwidth, but! it usually means domestic bandwidth – so your server will be fast while connecting from your server origin country, but if you are connecting from somewhere else, for example from European country, your server connectivity may be limited to some 5~10 Mbps. That will not happen if you choose South Korean server because both domestic and international bandwidth are having the same price.

Now if you are thinking which Asian server you should choose? Choose the South Korean one – because of – especially because of the good connection with other Asian countries!

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