Hello dear readers!

If you came to our site, it is highly possible that you need a dedicated server, but did you know that you also need CDN?

Here are 5 reasons why:


The first reason is the most obvious but also most important. CDN help significantly increase speed over long distance for an audience located in all over the world. You don’t have to worry about where to locate your dedicated server. What if now your audience is located in Asia, but next month you will have viewers from Europe? Will you change your server place? No, with CDN you don’t need to. If you have global audience CDN will make your service fast everywhere.


Loading time has a big impact on your SEO. Most search engines, including Google consider page loading time in their codes. If your website is loading slowly you can forget about being in top search. Furthermore, CDN will help increase your presence in Google image search – because making faster loading time of your website, will make Google go through your images more frequently. Your images will be visible and indexed faster in Google image search – it has a big impact on your SEO.


If your website is going down, it makes you frustrated right? It also frustrates your audience.  With CDN you can avoid that because request to your website will always go to the nearest POP – if one would be down it will go to the second one. Thanks to that you can be sure that your service downtime will be decreased – which means no frustration anymore!


This reason may look like important thing only for big services, but nothing could be further from the truth! If your service is still on the beginning of the road to be one of the most popular services on the internet, you may be facing quite small traffic continuously. With that small traffic, your website may be working really well, but you have to know that usually, traffic spike comes when nobody expects it… You have to be prepared for that. If you are not prepared for high traffic and your site will go down, you will lose your chance to become more popular on the internet.  Luckily CDN is enough to avoid this kind of problem. Because your resources will be delivered by the content delivery network, your server will not be working too hard even in high traffic and you will avoid the downtime at the moment when you really need your website to work perfectly!

  1. Last but not least – LOWER COST

Because CDN will be handling most of your bandwidth – you don’t have to worry about additional bandwidth costs on your origin server. Usually, the cost of upgrading your bandwidth will be bigger than the cost of CDN. Purchasing CDN may look like additional cost now, but it will lower your cost in the longtime usage.

So why not purchase it right now?

Click here to learn more about our CDN solution:


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