E3 or E5? Which one to choose?

Hello readers!

There are many important features you should think about while choosing dedicated servers. One of them is type of processor. Today, we will compare the most popular CPUs that you can see in our offer: E3 CPU and E5 CPU.

Why Intel Xeon E3 Processors?

– They are from Intel Xeon E3 family are one of the best performing high-end processors you can put in your server.
– They are designed to operating multiprocessors system, with 3rd level cache memory (to 8 Mb) and 2 to 4 cores.
– They can have up to 32 Gb RAM and are working well with Intel HD Graphics 3000.
– If you need server for business tasks you should know that E3 processors have memory controller which supports error-correcting memory modules. Flex-migration technology which is one of this processor advantages, eliminates the possibility of failures in operating of virtual machines with the serves.
– Server based on single Xeon E3 will be perfect for small enterprises, also can be good choice for accomplish particular tasks in large companies.
– Servers based on E3 processor will be also good for operating graphical application.
– They are perfect if you want your server to operate with the lowest energy consumption and stable traffic transmission.

Why Intel Xeon E5Intel Xeon E5 processors?

– They are also high end processors but for more demanding users.
– They have 4 to 8 cores, and each of them can operate with its own frequency.
– As E3, E5 processors have 8 MB third generation cache memory, but they are supporting even to 144 Gb RAM.
– Servers based on E5 processors are providing improved data protection – because the built-in hardware features supporting constant that encryption without compromising performance significantly.
– Intel Xeon E5 processors are supporting Intel Integrated I/O technology which helps reduce delays in network.
– E5 processors can work in dual processor systems which increase server performance (by approximately 80% of each processor).
– After all, E5 processors are perfect to calculate big data within the shortest amount of time.

Now as you know the difference, you may know which server would meet your requirements. So, e3 or e5 – which one do you choose?








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