EhostIDC | Difference between VPS and Dedicated Servers

VPS and Dedicated Servers are one of the options you have when facing a choice of your hosting service. Let’s see the difference between the VPS and Dedicated Servers.


VPS is Virtual Private Server – in this kind of hosting one server is split between few different hosting accounts. It means that your service provider will have one server machine and on the base of this one server machine will make few smaller servers. So one big server will have not only one but few users, and each one of this users will be able to use this server in a different way. Splitting server into few smaller servers is based on virtualization, it’s safer than just simple shared server but still not that safe as dedicated servers.

Cost of VPS have a wide range – it can be 5$/ month but it also can be more than 150$ month, everything depends on specification of the servers.

VPS hosting is a solution that is worthy of consideration for users who don’t have high expectation, and don’t receive big traffic, but also want to have more safe and stable option than shared hosting.


A dedicated server is a service that is fully DEDICATED to you! You have all server for your personal use. You can configure the hosting environment whenever you wish. When you are renting a dedicated server you have rights to all resources of the machine. You don’t have to share server and operating system with other tenants. As it is almost your own server you also don’t have to worry if server specification will be enough because only you will be using server – you just have to choose the server which will be enough for ONLY your needs. As you have your own machine which all facilities and bandwidth, you don’t have to worry about problems if your service has a high traffic. Dedicated servers are good choice hosting service with high traffic.

In a dedicated server hosting, only you and your hosting service provider have access to the physical server on which your applications are hosted. Advanced service providers also offer advanced security services like DDoS protection etc., all it makes dedicated server the best choice for users who really want to focus on security.

There are many advantages of both VPS and Dedicated Servers, but if your service is expecting high traffic, and security is important to you, you should consider choosing Dedicated Server – that’s why we focus on Dedicated Servers on our website so much.

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