Best dedicated server hosting company in South Korea – EhostIDC

Ehost Internet Data Center (EhostIDC) was established in October 2004 as a professional server hosting company in Seoul, South Korea. We have 14 years of experience as dedicated server hosting / colocation provider. Our company hires more than 30 highly qualified employees to provide the best quality service for our cusomers.


As stated above, the main range of our business is dedicated server hosting and colocation, but over the years of our activity on the hosting market, we became known as well for being a provider of other high quality IT networking services, such as server management, CDN (content delivery network) and private cloud hosting. EhostIDC have also well-developed security system for keeping customers safe from any cyber dangers.

We provide our server hosting services in all significant Data Centers (DC) in South Korea (KIDC Gasan DC, KT ICC Mokdong DC, Yeongdong DC, SK Seocho DC along with others), Japan (Tokyo Softbank Yahoo DC, Akita Softbank DC, Sendai NTT DC), Hong Kong (Billion Center HKTM DC), Malaysia (AIMS DC), and Russia (Data Pro Moscow), and many others, you can check our dedicated server location here:clickIf you wish to install your own server in foreign country located data center to grow your worldwide business, our colocation would be the best option. EhostIDC provides space and stable public internet line at a reasonable cost for your network equipment. We can support you in purchasing the devices and its installation as well anywhere you wish.

EhostIDC’s Cloudflare accelerated enterprise CDN service is surely a must for any IT network service provider because it significantly reduces the loading time of the website during the visits of its users. It also includes cloud-based anti-downtime protection against DDOS attacks, malware and data breaches.

Our services are provided around the clock; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We have the highly qualified team of specialists who are ready to help you whenever you need it.


EhostIDC is trustworthy company which have been appreciated in many fields:
– An excellent company recognized by Seoul Business Agency (SBA)
– Belongs to INNOBIZ association which brings together the best small and medium “technical innovative enterprises”
– Approved by Korea Industrial Technology Association
– Certified by Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KIBO)


If you have any question, contact us! We are here for YOU!!



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