EhostIDC DDoS protection in Singapore – the best DDoS protection you can get!

Hello Readers!

In one of our last post Singapore dedicated server hosting – pre-sale  we introduced you our new dedicated servers in Singapore.

You can still order them in pre-sale by sending email to

Today is the time to talk more about our Singapore DDOS protection because we are really proud of that.

Our Singapore DDOS protection is the best DDOS protection that we have in our offer!

It makes our Singapore dedicated servers perfect for all users who are worried about the attack and who put their server safety on the first place.

In our Singapore servers, the attacks are blocked in real-time, before they can cause disruption to gaming sessions or enterprise application use.

Here are more reasons that makes our Singapore DDOS protection the best you can get:

– It covers up to 20Gbps unidirectional in-line denial of service protection for free.

– It provides the ability to prevent extremely sophisticated layer 7 attacks, and also protects against layer 4 attacks

– The Corero release extends our denial of service protection to a dual-level umbrella solution

– Flexible deployment configurations will allow the SmartWall solution to best meet the needs of our clients

– Network performance and availability is not compromised due to the effectiveness

– Any DDOS attack more than 20 Gbps on the IP will be advertised to our global scrubbing centers in the US, Australia and UK. Total protection between the sites is 100Gbit.


Stay protected, stay safe. Stay with EhostIDC.



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