EhostIDC data center – home of your servers in South Korea

Hello everyone!

Today we are going to show you our main data center in South Korea from the closer perspective.

Our own data center is located in the building called LG Gasan Data Center. LG is not a brand we have to introduce to anyone. LG approves our data center with their name, so you can be sure that this data canter is one of the best data centers in South Korea.

The localization in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, also proves of world’s top quality. EhostIDC data center is located in the Gasan Digital Complex – a district of Seoul. This district is also called South Korean Silicon Valley.

 Here is few basic information about the building, where our data center is located:

– Constructed in 2009

– Has 14 floors

– site area: 14,946 m2

– floor area: 75,041 m2

– machine room area: 12,060 m2

The LG CNS Data Center uses environmentally friendly IT concepts – absolutely fulfill the idea of Green Data Center.

Having a green Data Center is important not only because it’s good for our planet, but  it’s also good for your wallet because green IDC means lot of reduced costs of energy. Our data center uses outside air for cooling, because in this case the power costs are significantly reduced with ensured optimum efficiency at the same time. The cooling capacity of EhostIDC data center is ~4,5 kW per rack.

Another thing we should mention is the safety of our Data Center. We are equipped with earthquakes facilities, and the resistance of the building is up to 7 point in Richter scale. The whole area of Gasan Digital Complex is in flood safe zone (7 meters above water level). No natural disaster can stop any of your service here.

If we are talking about safety, it’s good time to mention the complexed security, one of the most important things for every data center. Our datacenter security is fully controlled starting from the main entrance of the building. Every computer room has its own control system – Interlocking door with biometric recognition system (primary) and weight sensor (secondary).  There is no possibility that someone else than our staff will enter the room where your server is located.


LG CNS data center uses redundant supply line from Korea Electric Power Corporation.

Here is all you should know about power in our DC:

– 20.000 kW power (duplex)

– Physical separation of incoming lines and pipes

– N+1 system with a diesel generator

– N+2 distributed UPS and duplication of storage battery system.

– Duplicated UPS power via STS

– UPS power: 3.3 – 4.4 kW/rack


As we mentioned our main data center is located in South Korea, many potential foreign clients may worry about the language barrier, as it is usually with the data centers services located in Asia. However, but EhostIDC has team of engineers who are working in our data center 24h 7 days a week and are able to support you in English faster than any other local hosting provider because of its advanced ticket monitoring system.



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