EhostIDC dedicated line in Korea – the best solution for customers with high requirements


Did you know that EhostIDC can offer you dedicated line 1Gbps~10 Gbps in South Korea? It means your server will be connected to the line which is dedicated to your server! You can have a dedicated server on a dedicated line, with no other customers, just you!

Ok, but who need it???

Such dedicated line is perfect for:

1) All of these customers who require a fast unfailing connection with their server. If you have to upgrade your server for more and more bandwidth you should think about having your own line! If you are requiring really high bandwidth the cost will be similar to a dedicated line but when u are using the dedicated line you have all line for yourself.

2) All of these customers that like stable connection with no other customers on the line. You don’t have to worry about any DDoS attack from other customers that would stop the connection of your line!

3) All of these customers who order many servers! – on your own dedicated line, you can have many servers, you don’t have to worry that one of your servers is using a lot of bandwidth, you won’t pay any overages etc. On a dedicated line, it’s only important that your servers all together are not using more than 1 Gbps and everything is okay.

With that solution, everything is way easier to control!

Doesn’t it sound great?

If you have any question, please let us know! We will explain to you everything and prepare quotation perfectly suited for your needs.

Looking to your expansion in South Korea dedicated line at Ehost IDC.